And so, the journey begins…

100_3358I have always looked forward to new journeys, both in travels and in life.  At various times in my life, I have kept a journal during times of transition, to help me sort my thoughts and hopefully understand why I made the choices I did … and how it all turned out!

I am now approaching another big transition in my life — Retirement.  For most of my life retirement has seemed far off and maybe something that would never happen for me.  For most of my working life I was self-employed and working a second job in order to have money to travel.  As the other part of this blog, I will tell about some of those journeys, as well.

But now I am into my 60’s and now retirement is starting to seem real.   In fact, I have a retirement date — July, 2017.  As I contemplated starting another journal, to chronicle this new journey, I decided to explore another path by sharing the journey, via this blog.

And so, the journey begins….

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